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Join Jenn & Trin of Cards Against Humanity in a discussion about friendship. Every week we take audience questions and do our best to answer the tricky stuff, like how do I stop feeling jealous of successful friends? What if I have a crush on my BFF? Should I ask my friend why she unfollowed me on Twitter?

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Keep in mind we're not therapists, psychologists, or doctors, though we've spent plenty of time with them.

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    Silver Medals and Hulk Hogan

    Have you ever felt like a runner-up in a friendship? Second best? Not good enough for your own pal? We discuss "ranking systems" in relationships. Trin invents a name and rich backstory for one of our askers. Hang in there, Clarisse.

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    Howdy, Partners

    It's the taint of the year and we're back with advice! This one's all about friendship as it relates to romantic partners. "My girlfriend is better to her friends than they are to her!" and "I've been seeing this guy for a few months. We're in dating mode, but I want to be his friend." Some bonus advice from us to you: Never forget that you are more genetically similar to a banana than your own sibling. That isn't true at all, but it is fun to say.

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    Engage Hobbit Mode

    This week we get into doing friendship while you're depressed. Should you muscle through and hang out with friends, or go into Hobbit Mode? We suggest BOTH! Also, Jenn has a head cold that is just bad. So bad! It's okay to laugh at her pain.

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    Trolls and Email Etiquette

    Not to be all braggy, but this might be our best episode. Ever? Yep. It's full of sound advice for handling friends who show thoughtless Internet behavior on Twitter and email. And a surprise twist: Trin can do a celebrity impression that she's just been like, selfishly keeping in her back pocket this whole time. What! YEAH.

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    Ghost Stories and a Communication Breakdown

    Ghosting is when a friend just, POOF, disappears! And neglects your friendship. Without explanation! It's EXTREMELY COMMON and it extremely sucks. So what do you do then? Call? Write another email? Send a muffin basket and demand an explanation? Here's an episode about feeling left behind. As a fun bonus, Jenn reveals a new celebrity crush that may delight or confuse you!

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    One Out of Ten Weird

    How do I connect with my older sister? Should I try to hang out with my cool cousin even though our families aren't close? A timely episode for the holidays--this one's all about doing friendship (or not) with family members. Also, Trin drops some incredible wisdom about social currency that everybody needs to hear, and Jenn has to concentrate all of her brain power for a solid minute to recall the one single event on our calendar next year.

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    At Least Oprah's Getting Married! Also, pal-atics

    The election's done and we're all coping with bad, dark feelings. Here's our attempt to provide you with some coping mechanisms so you get help yourself first and then get your ass out of bed to get to work to help your community. If nothing else, this episode is worth a listen if you need a break from life. We offer you some quintessential Friendshipping quirks, like confusion over wedding traditions and a pep talk that's just yelling. Here's the song featured in this episode:

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    You Huge Nerd

    You're a nerd. Your friends are nerds. But are you good at being a nerd, or do you need a brush up? This week, we discuss making your friends watch Stranger Things, and being nice to jocks. We also get slowly drunk throughout the episode because the Cubs won, and Trin tries to do math. CW: alcohol, brief sex mention, brief violence mention.

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    Different Stokes for Different Frolks

    The blinding relief of finishing our Kickstarter campaign must've been hitting us hard, because this episode is JAM PACKED with goofs, chortles, and belittling Ringo Starr. We did manage to give out some practical advice, including "how to befriend introverts" and "how to speak up to your friends when you really need their support." Two difficult, important tasks!

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    Red Flags, Negging, and James Eat World

    This week a listener asks, "I'm distancing myself from a toxic friend. What are some red flags I should look out for in the future?" We list some common iffy behaviors and define negging, which was oddly cathartic. Sillies abound.

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