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How do I quit feeling so jealous of successful friends?
Can I befriend my ex?
Should I ask my coworker why she unfollowed me on Twitter?

Every week Jenn & Trin answer your questions about friendship! We try to advise on the tricky stuff that's making you feel weird.

Submit your questions to Keep in mind we're not therapists or doctors, although we have spent plenty of time with them.

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    Know Your Angles

    Find out how Trin supports the long distance friends she never sees and when Jenn realized she was becoming a capital-a Adult. In this light-hearted ding dong of an episode, we interview each other about our personalities, relationships, the smell of Chicago, and what, exactly, makes tomatoes so cute to look at!

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    Highway to the Friend Zone

    We got a great question from a student at university (that means college) about taking your friendships to the NEXT LEVEL. Maybe you've got a dozen acquaintances (all over campus, at your work place, whatever) but you're looking for something more more meaningful. Some depth. You know? We've got a few ideas for how to do that! Also, Jenn talks about her most hilariously embarrassing story from college.

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    Get Some Plants and Play The Sims

    Are you constantly worrying about your friend's bad life decisions? Always helping your pals move apartments? Giving rides to the airport? Organizing their schedule? Providing wisdom and advice? If you said YES to one or more of these questions, UH OH! You may be a Helicopter Parent to your friends. This episode is about being the "mama bear" -- when you are too controlling, really involved, care a lot, or simply exhausting yourself at the expense of your friends. Trin admits she was once this Mama Bear and as a result, drops some mind-blowing wisdom that will rock your face off.

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    I'm Problematic and So Are You

    So I made a sexist crack, and I feel bad about it. Now what? Can I apologize? Even though it happened months ago? How do I move forward? Am I bad? Am I okay? Am I doomed? Can I see Wonder Woman again? Is Chris Pine moving up on the top Hot Chris list? This episode covers how to handle your shit when you say something problematic. PLUS some non-spoilery gushing over Wonder Woman, because we couldn't not. Content warnings: discussion of sexism, racism, transphobia.

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    Why Are You Crying In This Restaurant?

    One time Connor Oberst emailed Trin at 2:00 AM and you have to listen to find out why. Or you can listen for the actual advice, which is about handling awkward, I-don't-want-to-talk-about-this conversations with friends. Like when your pal wants to discuss what's bothering you, but you really don't, and you get sweaty, and then your glasses fall down.

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    When You Have Irreconcilable Differences and Five Extra Bones

    How to handle a messy friend break-up and keep your cool when you suspect someone is talkin' shit. This episode is all about zooming down the high road and being the bigger person. Even bigger than James Comey! Content warning for banter involving babies, pregnancy, and cannibalism - you can skip the first four minutes.

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    So Many Apples Tall

    Listeners ask,"How do I introduce the person I'm dating to my friend group?" and "Is it going to be weird to bring my friend to a family wedding?" This episode is all about dating, friends, feeling weird, and wedding etiquette! We also try to wrap our minds around how tall James Comey is, but we can't, we just canNOT.

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    The Friendship Awakens

    Friendship is the foundation of Star Wars, so we allowed ourselves an episode to get into the significance of Rey's first desert scene, Finn and his handholding, Han Solo being A Good Older Dude, why BB8 is definitely a Slytherin, and finally... the Sisterhood of the Traveling Poe's Jacket. Plus, bonus! You can find out how Jenn feels about love triangles. This episode is for DORKS ONLY!

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    Take Your Friends to a Loud Eater's Club

    How much advice can we pack into one episode? LET'S FIND OUT! We tackle a whole slew of questions that are big and small, important and silly. "How do I take a compliment?" and "My friend is lying about having PTSD!" and "Can I get my friend to stop chewing so loudly?" Whoooole lotta wisdom up in here, try to keep up, 'kay?

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    Ask Me About My Pocket Nuts

    Listeners ask: "I want to have a birthday party with booze. Can I invite my friend who doesn't drink?" and "I'm a new baby vegan. What's the protocol with friend groups? Do I bring my own food to potlucks?" Jenn sort of daydreams about vegetables for awhile but Trin remains the expert on this subject. Go ahead, check her pockets. They're full of snacks. Also, please note our content warning for discussion of food health & mentions of alcoholism.

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