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How do I quit feeling so jealous of successful friends?
Can I befriend my ex?
Should I ask my coworker why she unfollowed me on Twitter?

Every week Jenn & Trin answer your questions about friendship! We try to advise on the tricky stuff that's making you feel weird.

Submit your questions to Keep in mind we're not therapists or doctors, although we have spent plenty of time with them.


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    Jogging While Wearing Jeans

    "I want to be friends with more men, how can I make that happen?" is our first question. And our second: "My friend is trying to hook me up with a bit of a dud. Do I suck it up and go out?" You can prrrrrobably guess our answer to this but you should listen anyway because we discuss how to confront your friend about this scenario AND we get an exciting update on Trin's plants. Also, Jenn gets overexcited to talk about running for the first seven minutes, so feel free to skip if that's not your thing. (Content warnings: mentions of body shaming and being fat.)

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    It Doesn’t Matter What Word It Is

    Your buds don’t get a pass to call you whatever words they want. A friend called our first asker a B Word (not Butthole), and then alleged that she is “sensitive” for being hurt by it. As you might have guessed, we take issue with this behavior. Then, we encourage our second asker to bone down on their friend. Please click the episode title to view the CWs in our show notes.

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    When In Doubt, Shut Up

    This week it's all about physical appearances and how that can impact a friendship! Topics include:

    • My friend won't do anything (camping, go to outdoor concerts) where she can't be in full make-up
    • My friend Photoshops images of herself online and it weirds me out!
    • My friend's diet is completely exhausting

    Content warning for mentions of food + disordered eating in the last question.

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    Damnit Meryl Streep

    Listeners sent in some great questions this week that really moved us. "I fucked up ten years ago. I was a teenager. Can I make amends?" and "My friend said something crappy to me a few months ago. It's still bothering me. Should I bring it up now?" In this episode we discuss addressing your mistakes and regrets of yesteryear, and Trin becomes several versions of Meryl Streep. (Content warning: discussions of consent in the last few minutes.)

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    Putting the "Significant" in "Significant Other"

    This week's theme is: badness. Bad feelings, bad behavior, the whole deal. Our first question is "I've been unfriended by two people in my life. I've never done them wrong. What's the deal here?" followed by "My boyfriend is dismissive when I tell him my problems. NOW WHAT?" [cracks knuckles] Here. we. GO.

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    In It For The Women

    If you've ever felt jealous of someone else's creative success, this episode will give you an entire THIRTY SECONDS of relief and happiness before you just feel jealous again. Also we start a bloody rivalry with Do By Friday.

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    Just Full of Whimsy

    Hey, Jenn here. I just got off the horn with legal and they advised us against posting this one, but guess what? We're bad to the bone. So enjoy this episode where we answer the most important question of all time: "Should I tell my therapist I smoke weed?"

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    Feats of Strength

    To celebrate three years of making this show, your humble narrators discuss their favorite topic: themselves. Trin shares what made her laugh today. Jenn reflects on the glory days. And if you glean any wisdom from this episode, it's purely by accident.

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    Don't You Wish You Were A Whale?

    A listener asks, "My friend REALLY unloads on me. The heavy stuff. I'm worried about her! How can I help?" We've got a few ideas! Are they good ideas? Who's to say. At least this episode is funny. Also, Trin's got a new therapist. Content warning for discussion of depression.

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    Speaking up or Shutting up When Shit's Awkward

    Holy HECK, we cover miles of territory in this episode. It’s all about speaking up — or deciding not to.

    Listeners ask:

    • My boss wants to be my friend. How do I put distance here?
    • My future mother-in-law insists that I call her “mom" and I am not cool with this.
    • And the grand finale: I moved away, and my friend ghosted! She may have changed her number! How do I reach out?
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