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How do I quit feeling so jealous of successful friends?
Can I befriend my ex?
Should I ask my coworker why she unfollowed me on Twitter?

Every week Jenn & Trin answer your questions about friendship! We try to advise on the tricky stuff that's making you feel weird.

Write us your questions at Remember that we're not therapists or doctors, although we have spent plenty of time with them.


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    Walk Around Like A Happy Rooster

    This week, our listeners just need a little nudge in the right direction. Our first asker wants to know how to make friends online. Luckily, we are very online! Our second asker wants to know how to meet folks while volunteering at an animal shelter. Let's do this thang.

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    You're My Best Friend, But I'm Not Yours

    This week we tackle something pretty common in adult friendships - you feel that you have a best friend, but you're not THEIR best friend in return. Not as depressing as it sounds, we promise!

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    You're Not The One

    You can't solve every problem for your friends. You simply can't fix everything. In this episode, we give you permission to go easier on yourself. Important content warnings for this one: we discuss gatekeeping within the queer community, as well as gender, sexuality, and depression.

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    When It's Time to Quit Swimming

    "My friend puts herself down constantly. She's always insulting herself, and it bums me out. How can I talk to her about this?" This episode is about self-esteem, something neither of us have, which makes us the perfect candidates to lead this discussion. Content warning for discussions of therapy and body shaming.

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    Help, I'm Friends With A Creep

    A concerned and confused 21-year-old wrote in and asked, "I have a friend who is older, and he makes a woman in our group feel uncomfortable often. How do I handle this?" We have some ideas on how to get this person out of your life ASAP. This one's a doozy, y'all! Content warning for discussions of harassment.

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    The New Rude

    We already know that the rudest thing you can do online is email someone's wife. So here's an episode about the other kinds of modern etiquette: keeping your headphones in, texting during conversations, and adding someone to a new group text. (CW: Mouse death. Yeah.)

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    The Swamp Queens Cometh

    A listener asks how to become a functioning social adult after working from home full-time. Try keeping slippers at your desk! Then we hear from somebody who's being hard on themselves with their sleep & clothing habits. Hey, stop that!

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    Let's Get Real

    How do you wind down a friendship? If your friends get divorced, must you choose between them? As a new mom, how can I tell my friends who don't have kids that I can't relate to them now? This week, we heard from a few folks who are interested in breaking things off with their friends. BUT FIRST! Let's make sure that's the right move! Content warnings for drugs and discussion of pregnancy.

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    The Soft Block

    Should I de-friend my ex on Facebook? How do I handle an intense Twitter crush? We attempt to answer these questions before debuting our new podcast, The Jeff Probst Fan Show! Content warnings for lots of sex talk. Important links mentioned in this episode: Michael B. Jordan's instagram.

    PS: Just to be clear, we do not think that EVERYone bangs at conventions. We're just friggin' goofballs!

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    God Bless Nancy

    What are you supposed to do when someone you barely know surprises you with a gift? What if the gift is a terrible painting? No, wait: what if it's a terrible painting that they made themselves? This one's about what to do when you don't know what to do. Nancy, help us.

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