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How do I quit feeling so jealous of successful friends?
Can I befriend my ex?
Should I ask my coworker why she unfollowed me on Twitter?

Every week Jenn & Trin answer your questions about friendship! We try to advise on the tricky stuff that's making you feel weird.

Submit your questions to Keep in mind we're not therapists or doctors, although we have spent plenty of time with them.


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    It’s Time We Discuss Marriage

    Is it okay to not allow booze at my wedding? How do I navigate my sister-in-law's nasty divorce? Check out this episode about weddings, marriage, divorce, and toxic family members! This is absolutely the weirdest we have ever been. You know when you're overtired and slap-happy? That's this whole episode.

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    Merry Chrimbus

    The holiday season is upon us and we've all got a bad case of the Travel Butt. This week, we're giving advice about all of our favorite holiday traditions, like decking halls, giving gifts, and running into people who hated you in high school. Trin regales us with tales of her AP Biology teacher's farm, and Jenn once again gives us damning evidence that she's a huge nerd. Enjoy.

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    Bitch I Own Two Swords

    How do I learn to friend again after being betrayed? How can I help my distressed friend who lives far away? Today’s episode is about bad feelings, and naming the mean voice in your head after your least favorite character on the 1990s hit television sitcom, Friends.

    Also, we have two corrections for this episode:

    • Steven actually named his brain goblin Vincent, not Victor. He chose the name because “he sounds like a mean gay.”

    • Trin in fact owns three swords, not two.

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    Touched By An Angel

    This week, we've got two questions about feeling SHUT OUT. If a friend (or a group of friends!) is making you feel like you don't belong, this is the episode for you. Relax your rectums and enjoy this feel-good episode where we discuss Die Hard and share some small daily tasks to improve your mental health.

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    A Little Bit Country, A Little Bit Rock and Roll

    "Should I tell my friend to quit smoking?" and "My friend plays video games all. damn. day." This episode is all about that E word: ENABLING--what to do think you may be enabling your friend's habits, for better or for worse! Oh, also, be sure to commit this to memory: when Trin was in 6th grade, she went as a toilet for Halloween and Jenn dressed as Harry P before anyone else on the planet did. Wow.

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    Stop Right Now Thank You Very Much

    Our first asker wonders how to get closer to a friend who doesn’t want to be alone with them. Another asker seeks advice on confronting a friend repeatedly for a mistake. And finally, in our grand finale, a listener wants to know how to handle group Snapchat drama. And to all of these questions we say: "Nah. You can stop there. Ya done."

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    Are You Kitchen Pals or Are You Kitchen Friends?

    If you see something, say something! Maybe! In this episode we discuss if and when you should tell a friend who is feeling low that you think they oughta go back to therapy. And what about crushes? Do you have to tell a friend if you are having feelings, the warm squishy kind? This one is all about: speaking up.

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    Don't Forget Your Bravery Juice

    Partying, partying, YEAH! This week, we got a question from a listener who says they're just bad at attending parties. Luckily we've got a whole slew of tips for surviving a crowded social gathering where you don't know anyone. Discussion includes how to handle small talk, how to remember someone's name, and how to maybe put your shirt back on before the host gets upset.

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    IRONFORGE, Long Has it Been

    We're Jenn and Trin and we're here to say: you do not have to be nice and giving tuh-day. You don't have to do crappy favors for friends all the time. And you don't have to forgive people who wrong ya. In this episode, we answer: "I don't want to write a letter of rec for my friend, do I have to?" and "My friend neglected my pet while he was catsitting!" Ohhhh, let us at 'em. (PSST: Listen after the credits for a blooper.)

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    Romantically Interested In Your Gums

    Friends, we've uncovered something very interesting: dentists love Trin. DENTISTS LOVE TRIN. If you don't want to hear about teeth and how much fun Trin has at her dental cleaning appointments, skip ahead to 7:15 because our two actual topics this week are incredible: "How do I ask an Internet friend to meet without being imposing?" and "My friend uses the word fat without realizing they are being hurtful to me." Please note our content warning: we mention some of the shitty ways society treats people who are fat.

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