Friendshipping simplecast

How do I quit feeling so jealous of successful friends?
Can I tell my friend that her brother is hot?
Should I ask my coworker why she unfollowed me on Twitter?

Every week Jenn & Trin answer your questions about friendship! You can submit your questions here and we'll do our best to advise on the tricky stuff that's making you feel weird. Keep in mind we're not therapists, psychologists, or doctors, though we've spent plenty of time with them.

(New to the show? Welcome! This episode is a great place to start. This one, too.)

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    All About That Dip, Baby

    This week we tackle the worldwide phenomena known as "sports" and discover that sports are basically D&D in disguise. Our first question is: "I don't care about sports but my friends really do. Do I need to make myself care to hang out with them?" And another: "My hockey team is doing badly and my friend is talking shit." Special thank you to our new editor, Ian Parman, for helping us with this episode!

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    Bean Mush

    You've probably got a friend in need. A friend who is struggling. You do! In this episode we offer some small, everyday things you can do to help -- things that don't cost a ton of time, energy, or money. So have a listen, help your sad pal, and STAY AWAY FROM HORSES. Trust us on this. CW: mentions of masturbation and vehicular manslaughter.

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    Joe Biden's Face (and a special live episode!)

    Jenn's had the flu all week, so while she's been chugging Pedialyte and disinfecting her doorknobs, Trin was kind enough to edit our live episode from Very Very Fun Day. For this one we held a workshop: How Not To Be A Jerk About Politics. This is probably our best live show. DEFINITELY is. Includes some truly great questions from the audience. Thanks, audience!

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    You Might Be An Asshole (but you're not doomed)

    Pobody's nerfect! We share some of our significant fuck ups, the moments when we were the assholes in a friendship. Let's improve together! We have faith that even the most egregious assholes, like the anonymous Twitter eggs with naked anime avatars, can be better. You CANNOT miss this wild episode. It's basically a confessional. (Psst! Listen until the end for a small gift surprise from us.) Content warnings for mentions of: death, gun violence, and abuse.

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    Dust That Can Know Itself

    Hey! This is the most intense, honest episode we've ever done! We interviewed each other and got into our struggles with self-worth, insecurities, some memories from childhood, and going to therapy. There's laughter, there's darkness, there's a bit of everything in here. We hope you like it. We're going to go lie down for awhile. Content warning for depression, mental illness, and indirect reference to suicidal thoughts.

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    Manic Pixie Dream Cheetos

    "My friend is a serial dater and he thinks he is in love with every woman he goes on a date with." How do you tell him he's probably not? DO YOU EVEN? We're back after a brief hiatus to bring you some sexy advice. Also, Jenn missed Trin so much that she got her a rock.

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    Work Work Work Work Work Work

    Business business BUSINESS! Step right up for business! This episode is about working and hiring your friends. We start with the question, "I asked a friend to design a logo for me. It's terrible. What do I do now?" We'll help you out with this, but only if you let us see the logo.

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    You're Doing The Right Thing With Your Face

    Do you have a friend who makes you feel forgotten? On the regular? Whaaaat if you have a friend who nitpicks things about you, like your appearance? Well we sure hope that's not the case! But if it IS! Listen to this! We clawed our way through many terrible sports metaphors to bring you this advice. Side note: prepare thyself for Trin's upcoming spin-off podcast, Talking Skin with Trin, debuting summer 2019.

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    Butthole Tendencies

    If you thought LAST week was a rollercoaster, well, get ready for this one. We answer the question: "I’m part of a marginalized community. I’ve had people attempt to compliment me in a manner that is either inappropriate or downright offensive to my community. How can I communicate this?" (P.S. We had to re-upload this episode because the file got all bungled up. Sorry everyone!)

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    Baby's First Outrage

    An episode about being new to the fight! We answer, "How can I stay woke enough for my friends?" and "My friend can't turn off the politics and it's bringing me down, what now?" How to turn your discomfort into action, handle enragement fatigue, manage etiquette while protesting, and taking care of yourself and your friends in these tryin' times.

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