Friendshipping simplecast

Join Jenn & Trin of Cards Against Humanity in a discussion about friendship. Every week we take audience questions and do our best to answer the tricky stuff, like how do I stop feeling jealous of successful friends? What if I have a crush on my BFF? Should I ask my friend why she unfollowed me on Twitter?

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Keep in mind we're not therapists, psychologists, or doctors, though we've spent plenty of time with them.

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    The Ding-Ding Broke

    "My friend got an awful, obscene tattoo" and other bad decisions your friends make. Also, Jenn finds a slide whistle. (Content warning: lots of swearing, brief mention of rape and homophobia.)

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    ATTENTION: lots of people want it, and not everyone can give it to you. What should you do when your friend ignores you for their boo? How do you keep from feeling discarded? Ughhh this sucks, man.

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    Gams Up To There

    "How do I compliment my friends when they post sexy selfies?" and "Can I tell my friend her sibling is hot?" We cover lots of new territory in this episode and yell NO way more than usual. Enjoy. Oh, have a content warning: mention of masturbation and sex and kissing.

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    Let's Get Involved

    How do I make new friends? Why am I so bad at small talk? Can I learn to carry a conversation as well as NPR's Terry Gross? And other concerns.

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    Happy Birthday Jenn!

    Today is Jenn's birthday and I, Trin, recorded an episode about it. Posting episodes and writing summaries is Jenn's job and honestly it's really hard

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    Give Hermione A Heads Up

    New this week: we rapid-answer a range of questions, including, "Does my husband need friends?" and "Is it okay to buy the same clothing item as a friend?" and most importantly of all, "Should Trin buy us matching pajamas?"

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    Friendship with Exes

    Some tips for gently rebuilding a friendship with your ex or exes. Or maybe deciding not to do that after all because they left with your suitcase full of cash. Don't you hate it when that happens!

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    Make Harvey A Real Boy

    "I do freelance favors for friends and colleagues. Am I being used?" and "Am I obligated to promote all of my friends' Kickstarter projects?" If you've ever asked anyone to Tweet about your Kickstarter project, have a listen to this.

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