Friendshipping simplecast

How do I quit feeling so jealous of successful friends?
Can I tell my friend that her brother is hot?
Should I ask my coworker why she unfollowed me on Twitter?

Every week Jenn & Trin answer your questions about friendship! You can submit your questions here and we'll do our best to advise on the tricky stuff that's making you feel weird. Keep in mind we're not therapists, psychologists, or doctors, though we've spent plenty of time with them.

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    Manic Pixie Dream Cheetos

    "My friend is a serial dater and he thinks he is in love with every woman he goes on a date with." How do you tell him he's probably not? DO YOU EVEN? We're back after a brief hiatus to bring you some sexy advice. Also, Jenn missed Trin so much that she got her a rock.

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    Work Work Work Work Work Work

    Business business BUSINESS! Step right up for business! This episode is about working and hiring your friends. We start with the question, "I asked a friend to design a logo for me. It's terrible. What do I do now?" We'll help you out with this, but only if you let us see the logo.

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    You're Doing The Right Thing With Your Face

    Do you have a friend who makes you feel forgotten? On the regular? Whaaaat if you have a friend who nitpicks things about you, like your appearance? Well we sure hope that's not the case! But if it IS! Listen to this! We clawed our way through many terrible sports metaphors to bring you this advice. Side note: prepare thyself for Trin's upcoming spin-off podcast, Talking Skin with Trin, debuting summer 2019.

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    Butthole Tendencies

    If you thought LAST week was a rollercoaster, well, get ready for this one. We answer the question: "I’m part of a marginalized community. I’ve had people attempt to compliment me in a manner that is either inappropriate or downright offensive to my community. How can I communicate this?" (P.S. We had to re-upload this episode because the file got all bungled up. Sorry everyone!)

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    Baby's First Outrage

    An episode about being new to the fight! We answer, "How can I stay woke enough for my friends?" and "My friend can't turn off the politics and it's bringing me down, what now?" How to turn your discomfort into action, handle enragement fatigue, manage etiquette while protesting, and taking care of yourself and your friends in these tryin' times.

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    Not to Pry, But

    You want to know what the hell is going on in your friend's life, BUT you definitely don't want to pry or make them uncomfortable. What do? Also, Jenn still has a head cold and Trin still has a screaming robot.

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    Silly Garbage People

    Give us your hand, and let us go on a journey...a long journey....into YOURSELF! Sorry, that was weird. Basically this episode is all about introspection and meta-thinking and examining your own behavior. We answer three (three!) questions this time, starting with "How come my friends don't let me dump my problems onto them? Are they crappy friends?"

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    The Width, Depth, Length, and the Girth of a Friendship

    ALRIGHT, we went for it. This episode is about coping with the end of a friendship. You may not want to close the door, but it could just be friggin' time. This is all about what to do, what the heck not to do, how to write therapeutic letters, how to heal, and finally, what the hell happens after it's over. This is all about leaving someone behind without getting haunted by the ol' friendship ghost and you know what? WE AIN'T AFRAID OF NO GHOSTS.

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    Silver Medals and Hulk Hogan

    Have you ever felt like a runner-up in a friendship? Second best? Not good enough for your own pal? We discuss "ranking systems" in relationships. Trin invents a name and rich backstory for one of our askers. Hang in there, Clarisse.

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    Howdy, Partners

    It's the taint of the year and we're back with advice! This one's all about friendship as it relates to romantic partners. "My girlfriend is better to her friends than they are to her!" and "I've been seeing this guy for a few months. We're in dating mode, but I want to be his friend." Some bonus advice from us to you: Never forget that you are more genetically similar to a banana than your own sibling. That isn't true at all, but it is fun to say.

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