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How do I quit feeling so jealous of successful friends?
Can I befriend my ex?
Should I ask my coworker why she unfollowed me on Twitter?

Every week Jenn & Trin answer your questions about friendship! We try to advise on the tricky stuff that's making you feel weird.

Submit your questions to Keep in mind we're not therapists or doctors, although we have spent plenty of time with them.


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    You Can’t Get Into This Bathtub With Me

    You’ve got 99 problems and your friend asking to come over to your house everyday is all of them. In this episode, we discuss the polite-but-firm way to say “no thanks, I don’t want company tonight.” To practice, Jenn attempts to turn down Trin's invitations to hang out and fails in spectacular fashion. Also, we discuss when and how to step in when you suspect your friend is being teased in a group setting. Lots to cover, y’all. Jump into this friendship pool, the water’s fine.

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    The Roommate Drama Special: Do You Know Where Your Mops Are?

    Lil pop quiz for all you roommates out there. When was the last time you swept the kitchen floor? How about cleaned the toilet? Do you even know HOW to clean the toilet? BAM, you’re on notice. In this episode we discuss living dynamics, roommate drama, and being the odd person out. And as a fun bonus, we deeply analyze the best party snacks you can offer, which is advice you didn’t ask for but maybe should have.

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    So You Didn't Get Your Plant

    "I helped my friend get a great job. Now, they're not doing well at this job and I am pissed about it." Whoa! Okay. This episode is about helping your friends, but also butting out. Helping a certain extent. You know there's only so much you can do. BTW, our producer said this is his favorite episode ever, and he has to listen to all of our unedited bullshit. JUSTICE FOR NANCY!

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    Sucky Eel Friends and Midwestern Dads

    "I feel like I'm a doormat. How can I stick up for myself to my friends?" Take it from Book 1 Neville Longbottom, this isn't easy to do. This week, we discuss voicing your needs and boundaries. And if your friends continually ignore those boundaries, it may be time to spring-clean those mofos. (Also, Trin was recording from afar and sounds like she's in a bath tub. Sorry about that!)

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    Use Your Freaking Words

    "How do I make my friends feel heard? What are some empathic words I can use?" Hey, talking clearly and directly about your feelings is difficult. Asking your friends about THEIR feelings is difficult, too! In this episode we discuss how language, while powerful, is still limited and you are probably doing your best, so good job. Also, Trin knows her name is Elizabeth Barrett Browning, not Emily Barrett Browning. She just got excited.

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    If I Delete That, Will They Notice?

    "I was shamed on Facebook for de-friending someone!" and "My friend leaves WAY too many comments on my posts." This week, we tackle these excellent questions about doing friendship on the world wide web, the final frontier. And uh, not to sound too braggy, but we know a LOT about being weird online.

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    Save the Day, Save the World (the Wonder Woman episode)

    Our gushing review of the new Wonder Woman movie and the friendships it celebrates. Steve Trevor and consent, Etta Candy and female friendship, Ben Affleck barely appearing -- this movie rocked our ass. Diana will fight for those who cannot fight for themselves and WE WILL, TOO. This one's light-hearted, dorky, and full of fandom love. Enjoy.

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    Doing the Most Good and the Least Bad

    We here at Friendshipping, LLC accept all political views, unless your political view is shitty. This episode is about choosing to accept your friends in an imperfect capitalist society. Starting with: "So my friend eats at Chick-Fil-A..." CW: discussion of homophobia and racism.

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    Know Your Angles

    Find out how Trin supports the long distance friends she never sees and when Jenn realized she was becoming a capital-a Adult. In this light-hearted ding dong of an episode, we interview each other about our personalities, relationships, the smell of Chicago, and what, exactly, makes tomatoes so cute to look at!

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    Highway to the Friend Zone

    We got a great question from a student at university (that means college) about taking your friendships to the NEXT LEVEL. Maybe you've got a dozen acquaintances (all over campus, at your work place, whatever) but you're looking for something more more meaningful. Some depth. You know? We've got a few ideas for how to do that! Also, Jenn talks about her most hilariously embarrassing story from college.

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